A Rustic Edge…

Sometimes the cutest outfits aren’t necessarily the ones that have to make a statement. I’ve fallen in love with the big sweater and dress combo, especially for the winter time. Add on a pair of riding boots, tights, and curl your locks, and you have a rustic style that is clean and cozy.

Considering the weather was cold and dreary today, this look was the perfect way to make me feel warm and stylish. I paired my floral, three quarter sleeve dress (with open back) with a long, over size sweater. Even though both pieces had a pattern, they worked well together because the floral print was subtle enough to wear with the big pattern on the sweater. My tights were simple, black opaque tights, and I wore my chestnut riding boots with them . To finish off the look, I wore a simple feather necklace and curled my hair to form large waves. The look was so easy to put together and definitely versatile.

I am not much of a rustic gal, but wearing this outfit makes me feel comfy without having to wear sweatpants. It is easy and very girly! Perfect for the girl on the go too!

Change the outfit up, mix and match, but whatever you end up wearing, I hope this inspired you to turn to a more rustic side with your style!

Dress: Forever 21     Sweater: 344       Tights: Hue      Boots: Sam Edelman        Necklace: (From Spain)

IMG_1955 IMG_1957 IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1961

-XOXO Navy and Lace


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